Sung to the tune: “Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire”


Chet’s nuts resting in a TSA HAND                                                 Agent Jack’s hand slipping in your hose
Arms above your head, look straight ahead
You’re undressed like a L.A. ‘HO’

Everybody Knows a imam and his underwear
Helped to make the TSA right

Tiny Tots scream: “dont touch me there”
Will find it hard to sleep tonight

They know that Janet’s overpaid
she’s got trains and buses – goodies on the way

and every mother’s child is gonna cry
it would be easier to make a reindeer fly

So I’m offering this simple phrase
To kids from one to ninety-two
Although it’s been said many times, many ways
Profile muslims, not you

So I’m offering this simple phrase
To kids from one to ninety-two
Although it’s been said many times, many ways

Profile muslims,
Profile muslims,
Profile muslims, not you


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Hi Folks !

 Calling all inventors and smaht folks !

 What I am going to lay out for you today, is fodder for thought. There are several concepts I have been mulling around for quite some time. Having had years of “fun” bucking wood for pulp and fire, the last several oil spikes raised the ugly specter of requiring an alternative.

 My notes from the start of my research:

2:42 AM 7/21/2008

Ok, today began a search for a method/equipment for making the so-called Bio Bricks -pressed sawdust and woodchip fuel that is being sold. I found the only MFG in the northeast for biobricks (TM) and also found a large industrial equipment MFG ( as alternative to actually buying the product and MAKE it instead ) who makes cube presses for compacting waste called “densifying” for biomass and trash to energy large-scale production, what I was looking for was a method to make a product that could be sold as an alternative to firewood, make a biz and make some money.

 What I have discovered is much more.

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DIY HDTV ANTENNA ~ Watchman’s Save Money Dept.

Date: December 9, 2010,

Hi Folks !

Welcome to my antenna project.

Save Money Dept.

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Heating with Wood & Staying warm ~ Methods & Ideas


December 1, 2010 (Updated 12/5/2010)


Hi Folks !

 Well, it’s December.

The stores are packed, the lights are being strung out everywhere. Good time to take the kiddies for a ride to look at the pretty lights, some folks are SO creative !

Around these parts, Maine, The period just after Christmas until mid-January tend to be the coldest. I know it can vary, but up north that three weeks was hell, generally minus -20 sustained ! Not so bad here in the southern part, but it still gets very cold. After that period, it either varies, or we are in for it, surely depends on the year and the el ninia belt near the equator, we have learned recently.

  If you have ever heated with wood, you know the pain of hauling it to the yard, cutting it up to your stove-size, and either splitting it by maul and wedge or the wonderful machine called the splitter. Then you haul it to your woodshed and stack it up in precarious piles until you have what looks like enough. Most also put up a goodly amount of tinder and kindling for fire starting. Around late August, just about everything that will burn is looked at as a source of “free” BTU’s, and set aside for the pile.

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Hi Folks !

Well, the long awaited LED information is here !

This will be as detailed as I can possibly be, and I will attempt to be as accurate as possible.

If you know electronics, and you find mistakes or blatantly incorrect information PLEASE correct me !

LED’s are the wave of the future for lighting. No doubt about it. They use milliwatts of power and compared to other forms of lighting they hold up well in terms of brightness, depth of colors, power use, and especially lifetime.

On average a LED will burn for 100,000 hours the equivalent of 11 years. Not all LED’s are the same, as in everything else, the quality of manufacturing is key. ALL LED’s grow progressively dimmer as they burn, it is the MFG quality that determines how fast that arc of burn down occurs. Some will lose a lot of brightness in their first few hours, while others will take years to lose noticeable brightness. With that in mind you have to consider your application of the light, and if it is critical that it performs consistently.

All LED’s are DC voltage.

While there are AC house current “bulbs” that are LED, they contain in their base an AC to DC converter. Here again the quality of manufacturing is key, as lifetime can be considerably shorter due to burnout of the converter while the LED’s in the “bulb” may still be functional. (so DON”T throw a AC LED “bulb” away, dismantle it and harvest the parts !!)

The COST of the AC-LED “bulb” is NOT a guarantee of quality ! Some are quite cheap, some are quite expensive, and sometimes the cheap one will outlast and outperform the more expensive one ! The LED market is in it’s infancy, and as such it is the wild west out there. Myriads of manufacturers mostly in Asia, Myriads of stores, and even greater number of websites are popping up everyday.

Just now I did a simple search on google on the term “LED”:

About 425,000,000 results (0.11 seconds)

So, you can spend hours and hours of looking at websites and never reach the last of the 425 MILLION sites !

I will attempt to narrow it down a tad for you, or at least make you a more educated consumer.

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Hi Folks !

This is about “settling” a piece of land.

Well, actually simply getting a foothold on it and a base to operate and expand from.

For a long time I dreamed about retiring to life in an RV.  I have the home here relatively done. It would be cool to buy an RV and maybe an acre of land in my favorite states. Follow the weather, life on the road.

After my fun up north, and lessons learned, the best way I can think of getting in and on a piece of land is this:

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WHY 12 VOLT ? , Hunting Camp, Revenge of the Pumpkin

I Wouldn't DO that if I were you ......

Hi Folks !

You may ask WHY 12 volt. ? Well, in my humble opinion, there’s all sorts of neato things that come in 12 volt.

ALL sorts of RV and kitchen appliances. Go to the car boneyard and strip out a loaded luxury car they often come with video systems for the kiddies in back, radios, amplifiers. ELECTRIC seats you can use in the livingroom of your groovy hippy pad, all sorts of goodies.

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