Smart Grid, Smart Meter, Smart Move ?


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 For over the last decade, whenever a president or D.O.E. pundit spoke about the nation’s Energy, and especially when they spoke of fields of solar panels and clownflowers, they ALSO spoke of Grid Improvements.

 While it is true that sections of our national grid are aging, at all the utilities responsible, they spend the vast amount of their resources updating and improving their “delivery” systems.

If they can’t get the power TO you they can’t collect fees FROM you.

So, it’s NOT like the grid was built in Edison’s day but hasn’t been improved since.

THAT implication is a MYTH if not a bold lie.

The truth is, that for fields of clownflowers especially, special equipment must be installed to smooth the power out. Since they are essentially generators, they toss spikes down the line.  

It is the powerhouse director’s worst nightmare to have a rough, spiky, power supply coming online. While they are constantly switching power sources on and into the grid as smoothly as possible, even in normal circumstances surges occur. Intermittent Clown flowers are a nightmare.

The question is WHY does the power company, and the ratepayers bear the burden of the equipment costs ?

 There also is the general remote locations of both fields of clown flowers and fields of solar arrays. Lines must be brought in and sized properly to handle peak and perhaps even future additional power. I could see a government incentive to run the lines, but again, why does the power company and ratepayer bear the lions share of the cost burden ?

 Here in Maine, they have planned a “power corridor” that will mostly be parallel to Route 95. It will cost billions. What it largely does, is connect the power companies in Canada and Maine to the huge markets to the south, the New England grid. Supplying Boston, Connecticut, Rhode island, even New York, with much needed power.

It is a boondoggle for Maine ratepayers.

Especially considering that the power will not be taxed enough to enrich Maine.


  • The fact that the local utility has undertaken the retrofit of the Smart meter, a requirement NOT an option.
  • It will not in any manner improve our local power nor reduce our rates and certainly not our tax burdens.
  • It very definitely enriches the shareholders of the power companies they currently cannot reach the greater markets.

 No Doubt in my mind that time of use rates will be implemented, as soon as a goodly number of addresses have these meters installed. The time of use rate programs of the past resulted in high bills and an utter failure as people had the option to revert to the old meter. 

So it will be the ratepayer who funds the grid “improvements”. I can see that in the near future, having the ability to actually be OFF-GRID, would be a boon to a household. At least you would be able to have a predictable if not lower, monthly cost. I certainly will be investing in taking portions of my home off-grid to several alternatives.

They can keep their smart meter.


 There is some truth to the health effects of the smart meter.

 They are actually transmitting in the GHz range. and with fairly high wattage.

 Your exposure is just like any other radioactivity.

It is a function of proximity and the power that is emitted.

Electromagnetic Waves

2.4 GHz is the resonant frequency of water.

This is why a microwave oven works.

The energy of an 802.11 device is the same kind of energy that cooks your food,  but on a much smaller scale.

 This is important considering that humans are made of 98% water.

Exposure to even as little as a 1/4 watt amplified with a 14db antenna, could lead to severe vision problems and possibly other health issues, notably fertility and sperm motility.

 If you were alive during the cold war, it is this type of RF energy that US and Russian spies were aiming at each other at embassies. I distinctly remember each blaming the other and complaining about it officially along with reading about it in the newspaper.

 Cell phones, wireless routers, cameras, wireless household phones, microwaves, etc. all transmit on various frequencies of the GHz range and so already make up some of the wattage you are exposed to daily.

 Just like Nuclear Radiation, the inverse square law applies:

The further you are from the emitting antenna, the less exposure you receive.

The KEY is distance.

 Some facts:

  •  A smart meter contains two antennas.
  • One transmits at 915 MHz and the other at 2405 MHz.
  • They can transmit at the same time, and so their effective radiated power is summed in the calculations of RF power density.
  •  Their combined limit is 655 uW/cm2. (milliwatts per square Centimeter)
  • RF levels associated with inhibition of DNA repair in human stem cells at 92.5 uW/cm2 (milliwatts per square Centimeter)
  •  The same frequency range as wireless cameras, routers, Cell phones and MICROWAVES +/- a few points spread over it’s spectrum.
  •  The peak power exposure limit applies to all smart meter frequencies for both the smart meter (two-antenna configuration) and the collector meter (three-antenna configuration).
  •  All these antennas are within the 300 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range where the 4000 uW/cm2 peak power limit applies (Table 3, ANSI/IEEE C95.1-1999, page 15 For exposures in uncontrolled environments).
  •  Consumers may also have already increased their exposures to radiofrequency radiation in the home through the voluntary use of wireless devices (cell and cordless phones), PDAs like BlackBerry and iPhones, wireless routers for wireless internet access, wireless home security systems, wireless baby surveillance (baby monitors), and other emerging wireless applications.
  •  Neither the FCC, the PUC, the utility nor the consumer know what portion of the allowable public safety limit is already being used up or pre-empted by RF from other sources already present in the particular location a smart meter may be installed and operated.

 Read the report here:

 So, yes, there ARE potential health risks, probably some sort of shielding in walls can avert SOME of it.

 EYES (as in blindness) and Testes are at risk when in close proximity. Cancers, pacemakers etc not good…..

Apartment buildings have MANY meters in one spot thereby increasing the power output of the signal, and there is a “collector” meter that also has antennas and sends signals.

 The “network” of meters in a neighborhood, relay the info from meter to meter to the utility, so there are times when they all could be “talking” adding to the amount of signal/power in the area, God only knows if the data has corruption possibilities, creating a nightmare of a bill….

 Now, WHY are they so gung-ho on these meters ?

  1.   it probably eliminates major expenses related to meter reading, the workers, the vehicles, the gasoline.diesel bill
  2.   In almost every region, they have for YEARS had a T.O.U. meter program.

Time of use meters track when and how much power you consume, typically there are varying rates depending on the time of day, Generally 4 or more rates/periods per day. Supposedly to “encourage” the consumer to help during peak usage hours, they turn into a nightmare of high utility bills, and typically lower income homes had them installed stressing already strained budgets.

 3. In EVERY region the T.O.U. meter programs were an utter failure for the utility. People hate the high bills and would switch back if they had the option.

The Smart meter program is a T.O.U. program in disguise, they have the very same tracking capability.

Some companies were up front about that, some were not, however ALL at some point when enough of these are installed will FORCE the T.O.U. rates on us, with your local PUC blessing !

 I worked with low income households on energy conservation. It was typical to see several hundred dollar a month bills. Most were in default when I arrived. Combined with electric heat, they were doomed to poverty.

 The whole boondoggle of smart meters was slipped in (Stimulus funds to utilities & states) as part of the grid “improvements” designed to facilitate power transmission for solar farms and fields of clownflowers on a stick (aka windturbines) 

Typically the utility and states with Federal grants pay for the infrastructure aka TAXES.

 The investors run away with the high initial profits from the generation fields. I predict they will sell those investments as soon as the clownflowers start racking up HUGE repair bills, leaving the states to deal with fields of rusting useless eyesores.

AKA MORE taxes.

 So, guess who pays the lions share of the grid-“improvements” ?

The Rate & Tax payer of course, and will BE the reason why they  “need” to get us all on T.O.U. rates asap !

 Two MAJOR topics never disclosed/discussed are:

1) The ease of rolling blackouts, simply send the shut down signal,  which BTW the METER CAN BE HACKED as it is a simple dumb communications protocol, a kid with a laptop and wireless could rack your bill to huge $ or shut down your power.

 2) see #1 and apply it to Terrorists, they just made it 1000 times easier to screw with the grid !


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