DIY HDTV ANTENNA ~ Watchman’s Save Money Dept.

Date: December 9, 2010,

Hi Folks !

Welcome to my antenna project.

Save Money Dept.

 HDTV signals are free over the air. You need a converter box for Analog tv’s or a HDTV ready TV.  You can have multiple HDTV antennas hooked up on the same lead to the TV

Simply use a radio shack coax combiner:

You can combine as many as you want,

I use it “backwards”: the “IN” -goes to tv, and the Antenna COAX CONNECTS TO “tv” ON THE SPLITTER:


 So for a little time and materials, you can make an antenna for every compass direction, or to aim at your local stations

Here is the FCC link to determine the direction of the TV stations from your house:

Then make an antenna for each of the stations you want to get, combine the coax using the splitters, and connect to your tv !



  • (8) 14-inch 12/2 copper wire (stripped) or coat hanger wire
  • (1) 24-inch + long, and 3-inch wide board
  • (8) WASHERS
  • (8) SCREWS
  • (?) RADIO SHACK coax Splitters {as many as you want/need}
  • (?) {x}length, coil of 75 ohm coax cable to feed TV, and a “shortie” or two to combine splitters
  1.  I took 8 pieces of 12/2 house wire, 14-inches long and bent into a V 3″ at the mouth.
  2. Then took a board and set four sets(8) of screws 5 3/4″ apart down the board to make 8 connect points.
  3.  Then took two more pieces of 12/2 and connected four of the V’s together in a Z pattern (2 on each side -alternating)
  4. Then did the other 4 being careful to not let the Z wire touch the previous Z wire
  5. You can soldier the “Z” to the VEE if you want, it must at least touch, and be tight with screw and washer.
  6. Then I connected a 300 ohm antenna to coax connector to the bottom two V’s. 

You can use coat hanger as wire too

 Now you can TEE different antennas together to feed into the HDTV or HDTV-tuner

IE: N,S,E,W so you end up with an omni directional “array” well at least 4 point array, add more antennas for more compass points or specific stations.

This antenna is DIRECTIONAL

 So I have three antennas tee’d together, one up on the roof, that cost $70 and a rotator that failed (EFF !) Another one that I had for the satellite antenna – the long bar (supposed to be VHF and UHF) and my homemade one.

 Typically HDTV signals are UHF, although SOME are VHF so check your local stations.

 I get ch (8.1), (8.2), (13.1, 13.2), (21. 1234) (26.1 26.2) (33.1 33.2) crystal clear !

Thats 12 channels FREE, I can get more too, (NH) as I build more antennas and hook them up into the array

Best part too is I don’t have to use a rotator and have them INSIDE the house eventually to be built into the ceiling to hide them

 Strip all the wire first, and you can also add a “reflector” behind the antenna like the $70 one I bought.

Tin foil or thicker alum sheet, even alum screen, 2″ behind or screwed to the back of the board !

 If I had known it was this easy before I never would have bought one.

Took me about a half hour to strip wire and screw it all together, the screws and the z wire wrapped around the screw hold the v to the board by friction/tension. This can be used outdoors too !

1 >|< 2

3 >|< 4

5 >|< 6

7 >|< 8

 Looks like that above except the | is the board and the “Z” wire connects 1,4,5,8,

The other “Z” wire connects 2,3,6,7 together

Where the “Z”  crosses the other,  it cannot touch,  so bend it up a tad.

Left over “Z” wire I bent into a “tail” at the bottom and trimmed it.

 I am gonna experiment with the length of the wire to increase gain and distance gathering of the signal, it has to be proportional to stay within the UHF band frequency

The 300 ohm coax connector changes the 300 ohm antenna to the 75 ohm of the coax feed wire and receiver.

 Here’s a photo of the finished cheapo antenna, works better than my $70 one !


Send pictures of YOUR creations !

Especially if you improve the Gain & Distance !


Gotta LOVE it !!!


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